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VIA Youth-103 (Age 8-12) Psychometrics

The following are the coefficient alpha reliability estimates for each scale:

Strength α
Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence 0.79
Bravery 0.74
Creativity 0.72
Curiosity 0.72
Fairness 0.69
Forgiveness 0.82
Gratitude 0.75
Honesty 0.78
Hope 0.75
Humility 0.74
Humor 0.83
Judgment 0.76
Kindness 0.72
Leadership 0.81
Love 0.76
Love of Learning 0.82
Perseverance 0.76
Perspective 0.62
Prudence 0.74
Self-Regulation 0.68
Social Intelligence 0.64
Spirituality* 0.86
Teamwork 0.77
Zest 0.72

*Initial, preliminary version

VIA Youth-103 Citation

A scientific publication is in process. It is not available at this time. If you wish to cite this version, please consider the following citation: VIA Institute (2021). VIA assessments. Found at

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