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To create a Team Report, all participating team members must first complete the VIA Survey so their results are saved in your VIA Dashboard Note: Team Reports must have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 15 people. If you have more than 15 people, for the purpose of this report, you will need to break the group into smaller teams and create multiple Team Reports.

Please log into your VIA account, if you haven’t already, activate your VIA Pro Dashboard. In your Dashboard, click the “Survey Invitations” tab and the “New Survey Invitation” button. Complete the required fields to set up your invitation. Select to either send an auto-generated email invitation to the participant(s) email addresses or create a unique hyperlink that you can share with your participants. When participants complete the survey from your invitation, their results will automatically be saved to your dashboard.

Purchase Team Report credits. You will need 1 report credit per team member.

After every participant (team member) has completed the VIA Survey, go to the Teams tab on the Participant Results page, then click the “New Team” button. Create a name for your team and use the “Add Team Members” search bar to find team members and add their VIA Survey results to your new Team Report. A number will be auto generated to identify your team members, or you can type 3 unique initials in the ID box to overwrite the ID number.

When all of the team members have been added, click the “Save Team” button.

Now, you will see Team Report listed under Available Reports at the top of the screen. Click buy credits to purchase 1 credit for each team member, or use credits if you already have enough credits on your account.

Once you select to use credits, you will be prompted to generate the Team Report. Read and accept the terms, and click the “Generate Report” button. Your Team Report will be created and you can view and download the PDF. (Note: Once you generate the report, you cannot add additional team members.)