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Become Aware Of Your Strength

Understand what zest is all about so you can begin recognizing it in yourself and others.
What is Zest?

Zest means approaching a situation, or life in general, with excitement and energy, not approaching tasks or activities halfway or halfheartedly. People who are high in zest are excited to get up in the morning, and they live their lives like an adventure. Zest is a dynamic strength that is directly related to physical and psychological wellness. This strength has the strongest ties to overall life satisfaction and a life of engagement.

Which virtue is this strength?

Zest is a strength within the virtue category of courage, one of six virtues that subcategorize the 24 strengths. Courage describes strengths that help you exercise your will and face adversity. The other strengths in Courage are bravery, honesty, perseverance, and zest.


Explore and Apply Your Strength


Research findings on the benefits of the strength of zest found zest is one of the two strengths most strongly connected with happiness. If you are high in zest you are likely to view your work as a calling in life, in that the work is deeply fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful. Learn how to activate this strength and all of your other strengths with your personalized Total 24 Report.