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Dr. Jillian Coppley (Darwish) serves as president of Mayerson Academy, a non-profit organization working with schools and districts across the country to design customized services and learning experiences for the education sector. Mayerson Academy partners with Cincinnati Public Schools to deliver more than 600 learning opportunities for the professional development of more than 3000 educators annually. Using online, blended or place-based experiences, Mayerson Academy reaches nearly 100 districts across the country with professional learning services. Prior to arriving at the Academy, Darwish held leadership roles in a broad spectrum of organizations, including philanthropy, public television, professional service agencies, higher education and the K-12 system. Darwish has developed and led numerous teams to create highly regarded and internationally distributed future trends publications; a thriving peer-to-peer online learning community for teachers; widely distributed multimedia educational products and services; and breakthrough results in organizational culture improvement. Darwish has delivered more than 100 international, national and regional keynotes, workshops and panel discussions on strategy, innovation, the future of learning and the application of character strengths in education to expand motivation, collaboration and learning. She is an award-winning educator who earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning; a master’s in elementary education from Xavier University; and a doctorate of education in curriculum and instruction from the University of Cincinnati.