Use your Free Pro Site to:

  • Create a personalized link for clients to take the VIA Survey (For clients/students under 13, create a link that does not require registration)
  • Get immediate access to student/client's Character Strengths Profiles and manage all their results through your own VIA account
  • Purchase research-based, in-depth Reports based on their VIA Character Strengths Profiles
  • Buy Report credits in bulk and save
  • View a spreadsheet that organizes raw character strength scores

What are Reports?

Reports are deeper, richer, more complete profiles of your clients' strengths constellations. The Total 24 Report for example, covers all 24 strengths, where the Top 5 Report is a deep dive into an individual's top strengths. Each report is generated based on a person's Character Strengths Profile, so they don't have to do any additional assessments.

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How It Works


Set Up Your VIA Pro Site

Through a few simple prompts, we'll help you create a unique VIA Pro Site page for your clients, students or employees. It only takes a couple minutes. From that page, they can take the VIA Survey. After they register and complete the survey, their Character Strengths Profile will immediately be added to your account. Working with different client groups? You can create a Pro Site page tailored for each group.

If you're using the VIA Youth Survey with students age 8-17, you can tailor your VIA Pro Site so youth are not required to enter an email address or register for an account.


Share Your VIA Pro Site & Collect Character Strengths Profiles

Simply email a link to your unique survey page out to your clients. Once they follow the link to your page, they can register and then complete the VIA Survey. Upon completion, you'll receive an email notification and their Character Strengths Profile will appear under the "clients" tab in your account.


Buy Report Credits & Offer Reports

Would you like your client, students or employees to have in-depth character strengths reports? You’ll need to buy VIA Report credits. The credits will be added to your account. Then, after your client completes the free survey through your VIA Pro Site page, you can use your report credits to download their in-depth reports.

Interested in having your clients download their own reports? Contact Us to learn about our Report Codes.

Buy Reports in Bulk & Save

The more reports you buy, the more you save. Buying in bulk also helps you make sure reports are stocked in your account and available to your students/clients at any time. Not only is it convenient for your clients, it streamlines your purchase, eliminating the hassle of multiple transactions.