Build a Life with Greater Awareness, Purpose and Appreciation

Join us for 30 minutes Mondays at 5:00 PM EDT for an interactive experience combining character strengths and mindfulness practices to activate your best qualities, boost resilience, and find greater balance, acceptance and peace. Each experience is different and will offer a unique meditation, input on character strengths use, and opportunity for group sharing on how you are using your strengths at this time in history.

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Session Hosts

Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, is author or co-author of nine books, an award-winning psychologist and a widely traveled international speaker. Ryan is the creator of MBSP and has led hundreds of mindfulness groups over the last two decades. As education director of the global nonprofit, VIA Institute on Character, he's a leading voice in the education, research, and practice of character strengths. He lives with his family, which includes three young and zestful children, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ruth Pearce
Ruth Pearce, JD, PMP, ACC, VIA Product & Practice Development Consultant, is President of ALLE LLC, an author, speaker, coach and a practicing project manager. Her experience includes financial services, state government, and non-profits. In 2018, her book Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management was published by Berrett-Koehler. Ruth is a regular presenter in webinars and workshops and presents at conferences nationally and internationally on the subjects of social intelligence for project managers and using character strengths to build engaged, empowered teams. Her top strengths are Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Bravery, Curiosity, Fairness and Gratitude.